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W Noun. a heavy grey-white metallic element; the pure form is used mainly in electrical applications; it is found in several ores including wolframite and scheelite Noun. the 23rd letter of the Roman alphabet Noun. a unit of power equal to 1 joule per second; the power dissipated by a current of 1 ampere flowing across a resistance of 1 ohm Noun. the cardinal compass point that is a 270 degrees [English] Noun. ၂၃ ခုေျမာက္ အဂၤလိပ္ အကၡရာ [Burmese]

W-Shaped Adjective. shaped in the form of the letter W [English] Adjective. W ႏွင့္ ပံုစံ တူေသာ [Burmese]

W. B. Yeats Noun. Irish poet and dramatist (1865-1939) [English] Noun. အုိင္းရိစ္ ကဗ်ာဆရာ [Burmese]

W. C. Fields Noun. United States comedian and film actor (1880-1946) [English] Noun. အေမရိကန္ ဟာသ ႏွင့္ ရုတ္ရွင္ ပညာရွင္ [Burmese]

W. C. Handy Noun. United States blues musician who transcribed and published traditional blues music (1873-1958) [English] Noun. အေမရိကန္ မွ Blue သံစဥ္မ်ားအား တည္ထြင္သူ [Burmese]

W. E. B. Du Bois Noun. United States civil rights leader and political activist who campaigned for equality for Black Americans (1868-1963) [English] Noun. အေမရိကန္ လူမည္း မ်ားအတြက္ လႈပ္ရွား ေပးခဲ့သူ [Burmese]

W. H. Auden Noun. United States poet (born in England) (1907-1973) [English] Noun. အေမရိကန္ ကဗ်ာဆရာ တစ္ဦး [Burmese]

W. H. Hudson Noun. English naturalist (born in Argentina) (1841-1922) [English] Noun. အာဂ်င္တီးနား ဖြား သဘာ၀ တရား ျမတ္ႏုိးသူ [Burmese]

W. K. Kellogg Noun. United States food manufacturer who (with his brother) developed a breakfast cereal of crisp flakes of rolled and toasted wheat and corn; he established a company to manufacture the cereal (1860-1951) [English] Noun. အေမရိကန္ ရိွ cereal အစားအစာ တီထြင္ခဲ့သူ [Burmese]

W. Somerset Maugham Noun. English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965) [English] Noun. ၀ထၳဳတို ႏွင့္ ပံုျပင္တို စာေရး ဆရာ တစ္ဦး [Burmese]

W. V. Quine Noun. United States philosopher and logician who championed an empirical view of knowledge that depended on language (1908-2001) [English] Noun. အေမရိကန္ အေတြးအေခၚ ပညာရွင္ တစ္ဦး [Burmese]

W. W. Jacobs Noun. ပံုျပင္တို စာေရးဆရာ တစ္ဦး [Burmese] Noun. English writer of macabre short stories (1863-1943) [English]

W.C. Noun. a toilet in Britain [English]

W.H.O. Noun. ကုလသမဂၢ မွ က်န္းမာေရး အသင္း [Burmese] Noun. a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services [English]

W.M.D. Noun. ျပည္သူ ႏွင့္ စစ္တပ္ အား တစ္ပိုင္တည္း သတ္ႏုိင္ေသာ လက္နက္၊ အဏုျမဴ ဗုံး [Burmese] Noun. a weapon that kills or injures civilian as well as military personnel (nuclear and chemical and biological weapons) [English]

W.V. Noun. West Virginia ျပည္နယ္ [Burmese] Noun. a state in east central United States [English]

Wa Noun. Washington state ၀ါရွင္တန္ ျပည္နယ္။ [Burmese] Noun. a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific [English]

Wabash Noun. a tributary of the Ohio River that rises in western Ohio and flows southwestward across Indiana [English] Noun. Ohio မွ Indiana အထိ စီးဆင္း ေသာ ျမစ္ [Burmese]

Wabash River Noun. a tributary of the Ohio River that rises in western Ohio and flows southwestward across Indiana [English] Noun. ၀ါဘတ္စ္ ျမစ္ [Burmese]

Wac Noun. an army corps that was organized in World War II but is no longer a separate branch of the United States Army Noun. a member of the Women's Army Corps [English] Noun. ဒုတိယ ကမၻာစစ္ အတြင္း အေမရိကန္ အမ်ိဳးသမီးမ်ား တပ္မေတာ္ [Burmese]

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